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Fast Start 2020 - Featuring Vicki Clark



Session 1: Board and Staff Working Together - The Mission Driven Team

8:30 - 11:30 AM

This session is especially geared toward the CEO/Executive Director and Board President/Chair.

Nonprofit organizational health depends on an effective and flexible partnership between the board and staff. Session is designed to help build the capacity of your organization by looking at relationships and roles of board members and staff.

Session will include:

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Board and Staff
  • Models of Board Governance and BoardStaff Relationships
  • Life-Cycle of Organizations

Session 2: How to Develop and Engage Your Board

1:00 - 4:00 PM

This session is geared towards any staff or even key volunteers.

Effective mission-driven boards do not miraculously happen. They take time, thought, and planning. Board building should not just happen when it is time to fill a vacancy, it should be an ongoing process with year-round activities. 

Session will guide you through:

  • Identifying, recruiting, and cultivating members
  • Orienting new board
  • Educating the board and encouraging active participation and commitment
  • Rotating board members
  • Engaging in self-assessment and celebrating success.

Where: Volunteer Center of Lubbock Conference Room | 1706 23rd St Lubbock, TX 79411

When: Wednesday, February 26, 2020 (Times vary by session)

Cost: Agency Partners- $20 per session for 2 people

Non-Agency Partners - $75 per session for 1 person

Agency Partners must be up to date on their annual fee of $150 to receive the discounted ticket price. If you need to update your Agency Partner membership, please call us at 806-747-0551.

Or RSVP by calling 806-747-0551 or contact mcrook volunteerlubbock.org.

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