Youth in Service

What is Youth in Service?
Volunteering, whether by one or many, changes the lives of those who give and those who receive.

The goal of the Youth in Service Program is to recognize young people for the service they provide
to the community and to give them support in connecting to the community.

School campuses enroll in the program at the beginning of each school year and agree to designate
a sponsoring group or organization on the campus to oversee the program. Representative youth and
sponsors attend a planning seminar in September where they focus on documenting service at their
campus, increasing awareness about community resources, and developing strategies for service
project implementation. The sponsoring group is responsible for working with other campus organizations
to help them document their community service.

Throughout the school year, the sponsoring group submits reports, photos, and videos documenting school wide volunteer efforts.
Participating schools are recognized at the Celebration of Service Luncheon and receive an award check
to use for volunteer projects the next year.

If you are interested in participating in the program:
Email Lisa Stratton or call (806) 747-0551


YIS Portal - Login Here

Sponsors: Submit Project Forms, Individual Hours, & Photos, Manage School Account

Students: Record YIS hours, Report Individual Hours, Submit Project Photos, Access/Print Your Volunteer Resume

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